2016 Publication Archive

Pharmacist-Physician Team-Based Collaboration to Improve Long-Term Blood Pressure Control in an Inner City Safety-Net Clinic

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Effectiveness of Pharmacist-Led Amiodarone Monitoring Services on Improving Adherence to Amiodarone Monitoring Recommendations: A Systematic Review

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Improving Health of At-Risk Rural Patients project: A collaborative care model

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Medication Complexity, Medication Number, and Their Relationships to Medication Discrepancies

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Cost Benefit Analysis of Appointment-Based Medication Synchronization (ABMS) in Community Pharmacies

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Educating Pharmacists in Quality (EPIQ): Recipient, Academy for Healthcare Improvement 2015 Duncan Neuhauser Award for Curricular Innovation

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Pharmacist participation in health policy development

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Influence of kidney disease on drug disposition: An assessment of industry studies submitted to the FDA for new chemical entities 1999-2010

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